You are invited to attend the Neurodiversity Reading Group. The group started July 2019. The Neurodiversity RG is intended for all academics, students, and non-academics and community members who are interested in reading and discussing academic texts on neurodiversity

Each meeting, read and discuss an academic text and sometimes we will supplement this with non-academic material (text, audio or video). The texts aim to have an intersectional angle and come from, specifically, critical disability and neurodiversity studies, intersectionality studies (e.g. race critical, feminist and queer studies), and mad studies. They are grounded in various academic disciplines and explore a range of perspectives. While we might read texts that use the medical model of disability, note that we will do so to critique.


*** The next meeting is: 19 June. Theme: Normativity (click here) ***

Meetings are held on the 3rd Friday of each month. Before the COVID pandemic hit the world, we were meeting monthly in London, UK. For now we meet online.

How to register for meetings and stay updatedIf you are interested in attending one or more meetings, please read the ground rules first. Then send an email to the reading group with the following information:

  1. confirm you read the ground rules and will abide by them

  2. your name

  3. if you're an academic member, what your your institution and discipline is.

Your name will then be added to our mailing list and receive regular reminders.  


Have a look at the 'disability and feminism reading group' as well, see here


Meetings: 3rd Friday every month, 3-5pm (UK time)

Where: online
Email: neurodiversityrg AT gmail DOT com

Coordinator: Dr Dyi Huijg


Email: neurodiversityrg AT gmail DOT com

©2019 by Neurodiversity Reading Group London. 

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